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The Best Rated Plant Based Jewelry Cleaner

The Best Rated Plant Based Jewelry Cleaner

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Ever wonder why the best plant based jewelry cleaner might be best for your jewelry?

It is estimated that we touch our faces between 16 and 23 times per hour. Handwashing is a no-brainer to prevent spreading germs to our eyes, nose, and mouth. 

But how many germs are hiding under your rings, watches, and bracelets? 

You could spend all day washing your hands, but unless you regularly clean your jewelry it's likely harboring wicked bacteria. 

Before you reach for just any jewelry cleaner, take a look at the ingredients label. If the goal is clean jewelry and healthy hands, products containing poisons like ammonia or isopropanol can't be the solution. 

Lucky for you, plant based jewelry cleaners contain healthy, eco-friendly ingredients that are good for your skin, your jewelry, and the environment. Say goodbye to germs (for real) with clean, healthy hands and jewelry! 

Choosing the Right Cleaner

Some important things to look for when choosing a jewelry cleaner (besides its ingredients) are what type of jewelry it can be used on and if it is safe to use every day. 

Some cleaners are not compatible with certain gemstones (like pearls or emeralds), precious metals, or fashion jewelry. Choosing a cleaner that is safe on all metals and all gemstones can make the daily process hassle-free. 

...And with your rings, watches, and earrings harboring 428 times more bacteria than a toilet seat you're going to want to clean them every day.

You might be telling yourself you don't have the time to clean your jewelry every day. The stat you just read is the first reason you should make time, but you need to know that cleaning your jewelry doesn't have to be a long-drawn-out process. 

A plant based jewelry cleaner that is all-natural, eco-friendly, and works in seconds does exist! With our Liquid Jewelry Cleaning Solution, it is as easy as dropping it in, rinsing, and drying. Its non-abrasive and chemical-free properties also mean it's safe enough to soak pieces that need a little extra TLC. 

The ability to use our cleaner on diamonds, costume and designer jewelry, soft and semi-precious stones, and precious metals makes it a one-stop shop. An added benefit is that it has anti-static and anti-fog properties, meaning you can safely use it on your eyeglasses, sunglasses, and phone screen. 

You touch these things countless times every day and can feel better knowing they have also been cleaned using plant based ingredients that are all-natural and safe for your skin. 

Let's Talk Tarnish

It's time for a moment of truth...our Liquid Jewelry Cleaning Solution can't do everything. It does not remove tarnish from metal pieces, but this doesn't mean you have to reach for a chemical-filled tarnish remover to get the job done.

It's still possible to have an effective, eco-safe, plant based tarnish remover.  

Our Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream is not only safe for your skin and the environment but is biodegradable and free from acids and alcohol. 

It is similar to other polishing creams in the way it is applied. Simply take a soft brush or cloth and make circular motions until a polished look is achieved. A simple rinse with warm water is all it takes next. 

But what makes it different from other polishing creams is its ingredients. It doesn't use chemicals to dissolve the tarnish: it wipes it away.  

Metals tarnish over time (like gold and silver). Tarnishing is caused when these metals are exposed to chemicals, moisture, and body oils. Avoiding all of these things is unlikely, meaning tarnish is inevitable.

Since metals gradually tarnish over time, using our polishing cream once a month will help your jewelry continue to shine brightly.

The clean plant-based ingredients of our polishing cream mean it's safe to use on so much more than just your fine jewelry products. You can use it to bring life and shine back to multiple different metals. Check our FAQ for all its great uses. 

Benefits of Plant Based Cleaners

When you use chemical cleaners on your jewelry, it can cause discoloration and actually accelerate tarnishing. The reason for this is the harsh chemicals (sometimes ammonia) and acids that are used in chemical cleaners. Not only do they smell bad, but they're bad for your jewelry, your skin, and the environment. 

A jewelry cleaner should help prolong the life of your jewelry, not add defects and damage. By using plant based ingredients, like banana and coconut oils, our products clean your jewelry without harming it (or anything else).

There are no chemical smells. No harming the environment. 

A Jewelry Cleaning Routine

It might seem strange to establish a jewelry-cleaning routine, but you wash your clothes regularly, right? You clean the floors and furniture in your house. Your car even gets a scrub down on occasion. 

Don't neglect your jewelry. 

For most people, jewelry is not just something we wear. It holds sentimental value. By cleaning your jewelry regularly with natural jewelry cleaners, you're prolonging the life of each piece while removing harmful germs and dirt. 

So what cleaning routine do we recommend? We're so glad you asked. 

A combined effort from our Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream and our Liquid Jewelry Cleaning Solution is the way to go. Daily use of our cleaning solution will keep germs, oils, and dirt at bay while a monthly scrub with our polishing cream will help your jewelry keep its brilliance. 

The Solution is Simple

It's time to start cleaning your jewelry with the plant based products it deserves. Stop reaching for the soaps, toothpaste, and abrasive chemical-filled solutions. 

By using plant based jewelry cleaners you are not only getting the cleanest shine and sparkle possible, but you can feel confident knowing you are taking care of your jewelry, the environment, and your skin. 

Our all-natural cleaners are the solution to clean, brilliant, and sparkling jewelry. To optimize your jewelry-cleaning routine, check out all of our jewelry cleaning products

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