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Sparkle Bright Cleans Costume and Fashion Jewelry Safely

Sparkle Bright Cleans Costume and Fashion Jewelry Safely

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Believe it or not, your favorite piece of jewelry doesn't have to cost two paychecks! It could be a beautiful ring your daughter found you at the grocery store.

If you are a frequent buyer of fashion or costume jewelry, you know that after continuous wear they begin to turn dull or greenish-brown. 

It's easier than you think to turn a piece of over-loved jewelry brand new again! It only takes a few simple steps.  

Keep reading to find out how you can safely clean your fashion jewelry at home with Sparkle Bright! 

What Is Real, and What Is Fake?

It can be difficult to tell real jewelry apart from fake jewelry today. Some costume jewelry is done so well. It looks identical to gold and diamonds if you don't know what to look for. 

Like real gold, faux gold can be just as difficult to keep beautiful. It can discolor easily if cleaned incorrectly.

One way to tell fake gold apart from real gold is that pure gold will never tarnish. Fake gold and gold mixed with other metals can tarnish. An easier way to be sure you're separating them right is to take them to a jeweler.

They will be able to tell them apart easily, and they often do it without charge. 

At the jeweler, you may also have your stones inspected to ensure they are tight in their settings. Whether your jewelry is only gold plated or entirely gold you should have your jewelry inspected every six months.

This way, you don't risk losing any gemstones set in your rings, bracelets, watches, or necklaces. 

Benefits of Using Sparkle Bright

Sparkle bright is one of the best jewelry cleaning products on the market today. Their two-stage approach to cleaning jewelry allows their two products to produce amazing results. 

The liquid cleaner removes grease, dirt, and other grime from all jewelry including costume jewelry and real diamonds. 

The polishing cream removes any tarnish and polishes any precious metal at incredible speed. 

Sparkle Bright is superior to other store-bought cleaners. Many cleaners you may find in-store feature harsh chemicals such as ammonia, alcohol, and acid. These chemicals can accelerate tarnishing and discolor jewelry. 

Sparkle Bright is eco-conscious and uses no harsh chemicals. It's still strong enough to clean the dirt and grime off of any piece of jewelry. 

Using Liquid Cleaner

When cleaning fashion jewelry with Sparkle Bright you may start by dipping the jewelry in the liquid cleaner. Do not soak the fashion or costume jewelry in the cleaner or you will risk loosening its glue. 

Only dip the jewelry in the cleaner long enough to get the entire piece wet. Then, brush the jewelry if needed. To finish, you should rinse the piece under warm water, but again do not submerge it for a long period. Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. 

If your fine jewelry has tarnish or excessive grime, we recommend also using our tarnish remover and polishing cream.

Using Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream

Tarnish remover and polishing cream is not recommended for use on any costume or fashion jewelry. Don't use it on plated metals or lacquered clear finish pieces either.

If you have tarnished precious metals, you may follow these instructions to clean them. 

When cleaning fine jewelry with Sparkle Bright tarnish remover and polishing cream, you can start by applying the cream to the metal. Then, with a soft cloth rub the cream in a circular motion. 

Once the tarnish is gone it should be evident on your cloth. On a cleaner part of your cloth continue rubbing the cream until the jewelry is nice and polished. 

If there are still crevices with tarnish or dirt, use a toothbrush with cream on it to reach those tight areas. Wipe the area with a cloth once finished. 

Finally, you can rinse the jewelry off and dry it. You should only need to use your tarnish remover and polishing cream once a month to keep tarnish at bay. Between uses, you may use the liquid cleaner to keep your jewelry shiny. 

Be Gentle

The best way to clean fashion jewelry is with a soft brush and a soft cloth. Using any kind of abrasive brush or cloth could scrape your jewelry to reveal an unsightly color underneath. 

Products such as Sparkle Bright's tarnish remover and polishing cream is not recommended for use on fashion or costume jewelry as it may harm it.

It is unnecessary to use this product on fashion jewelry as it should be cleaned after the use of liquid cleaner and some light brushing. 

How to Care For Your Jewelry

It is recommended to clean your jewelry after every use. Sparkle Bright's liquid cleaner is gentle enough to use every day if needed. 

If you don't have time to clean your jewelry after every use there are some things you can do to extend their time between cleanings. 

You must take care of your costume jewelry as well as your real jewelry to keep it beautiful. Start by storing it properly. A jewelry box is a good investment to keep your jewelry away from dust, spills, and hands. 

If you would like to take extra care, you can also purchase anti-tarnish bags or wrap your jewelry in a cloth before putting it away. 

While wearing your jewelry also be careful what you expose it to. Put on any perfumes or lotions before putting on your jewelry. This limits the number of substances that your jewelry has to come in contact with. 

Likewise, avoid touching your jewelry as you are wearing it. Any substances or germs that have come in contact with your hands are then transferred to the jewelry when you touch it. 

Remember to take off your costume jewelry before swimming, showering, and even working out. Sweat, water, shower products, and chlorine are all bad for the surface of your jewelry.   

Keep It Bright 

Keeping your fashion jewelry sparkling has become an easy task with Sparkle Bright. A quick dip, rinse, and dry only takes a few minutes out of your day to keep your jewelry looking its best. 

Our all-natural jewelry cleaner is a must-try for your costume and fashion jewelry that has seen better days. 

Check out our product page to find our liquid cleaner as well as several other products to clean any kind of pieces you have in your jewelry box. 

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