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How to Prep and Clean Jewelry for the Holidays

How to Prep and Clean Jewelry for the Holidays

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With the holidays coming up, you'll want to bring out your shiniest clean jewelry so you can sparkle just like all the festive decorations.

Is your jewelry as ready for the season as you are though? If your jewelry has been collecting dust since the last holiday season, it may be time to give your special necklaces, bracelets, and rings some extra special care. If you're unsure how to clean jewelry, Sparkle Bright makes that part of your job easy. 

Our cleaning products lead the market in natural jewelry and precious metal care. That's right, our products use all plant-based ingredients, are eco-conscious, contain no harsh chemicals and we never test on animals!

Our Liquid Jewelry Cleaner was designed with everyone's safety in mind. It's safe for you and the environment.

Read on to find out about our Liquid Cleaner and how to clean jewelry.

How to Clean Jewelry With Sparkle Bright Liquid Cleaner

It's an age-old question everyone faces at some point. How do I clean my antique jewelry, fine jewelry, or fashion jewelry like diamonds, watches, pearls, and opals?

Handling older pieces of jewelry can be tricky depending on how sturdy they are. It's understandable if you feel hesitant to clean your jewelry because it's delicate, that's a natural response in wanting to protect your valuables.

Luckily, Sparkle Bright products were created to clean your most delicate jewelry pieces and your sturdiest jewelry pieces while also keeping them safe.  

So, how to make jewelry sparkle? The best way to clean jewelry is to use our Liquid Cleaner, and the steps are as easy as 1-2-3-4.    

1. Soak your piece in the Liquid Cleaner 

2. Brush if needed with a soft-bristled brush

3. Rinse with clean water

4. Dry with a soft cotton cloth

Our Liquid Cleaner is great for removing day-to-day dirt, grease, lotion, beauty products, or anything else that dirties your jewelry.

Use the 4oz. Liquid Dip Jar or fill a bowl or dish with the Liquid Cleaner so that you have somewhere to soak or dip your jewelry into it. You can choose to soak your jewelry in the solution if you feel it needs extra cleaning or care.

Once you feel your jewelry has soaked long enough you can remove it from the solution and use a soft-bristled brush to help scrub away any remaining grime that will keep your pieces looking dull or cloudy.

However, if you are handling antique, costume/fashion jewelry, or pearls, you will want to skip the soaking part of these steps. 

In this case, dip your pieces into the solution to cover them in the liquid. If you feel extra care is needed, take a soft-bristled brush and lightly scrub them before rinsing with water and drying with a soft cotton cloth.

How to Use Our Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream

Nothing takes the sparkle out of gold, silver, or an engagement ring like the dullness of tarnish! But wondering how to prep jewelry doesn't have to lead to a confusing or complicated process either. 

Our Polishing Cream makes metal shine like new without the use of harsh chemicals. Using the Polishing Cream is as simple as using our Liquid Cleaner as well. 

1. Wipe the cream on the piece

2. Brush with a soft-bristled brush

3. Rinse with clean water

4. Dry with a soft cotton cloth

Apply the Polishing Cream to your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth and wipe it in a circular rubbing motion until you can see that the tarnish is gone. Keep rubbing the piece using different, clean parts of the cloth until the entire piece looks polished and finished. 

If your items need more care than a simple wiping, there is a more detailed method of tending to those items as well. 

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and dip it into the polishing cream. Then lightly brush to scrub in the stubborn crevices of your jewelry that are hard to reach. 

After doing this to all the stubborn areas, rinse each piece with warm water and dry with a soft cotton cloth. 

For pearl necklaces or any jewelry that contains a precious stone, there may be very small silver pieces holding each stone together that are hard to reach with a cloth or brush.

In these cases, you can take a q-tip, dip it into the cream, and gently rub it on tarnished areas until you've reached all the areas in need of cleaning. If you happen to get the cream on your pearls or other stones, just rinse the cream off with warm water. 

Try Our Other Cleaning Products 

Our Liquid Cleaner and Polishing Creams are great, safe, and effective for cleaning all of your jewelry pieces. 

That's why we offer both in a variety of sizes to meet any needs or preferences you may have. 

You have the option of purchasing our Sparkle Bright Liquid Jewelry Cleaner in a 2-ounce spray, 4-ounce jar, 12-ounce bottle, half-gallon, and one-gallon size. 

Our Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream is available in a 2-ounce jar, 32-ounce jar, or a one-gallon size. 

We also offer cleaning kits so that you'll be sure to have all your bases covered no matter what kind of jewelry or precious metal needs cleaning.

We offer a Starter Jewelry Cleaning Kit that includes the liquid cleaner, polishing cream, a lift-out tray for the liquid cleaner, and a small detail brush. 

We also offer ultrasonic cleaners and jewelry steam cleaners for those who are looking for the ultimate in safe but thorough jewelry care.

For those unsure of where to find soft cloths to use, we also carry jeweler's polishing and drying cloths that come in a pack of three.

Make Your Jewelry Sparkle Today

This holiday season, spend time with your loved ones while wearing your best and brightest clean jewelry so that you can shine from the inside out. 

At Sparkle Bright, we aim to clean jewelry with the utmost care. We designed our products to ensure that you'll never have to choose between exposing yourself to chemicals or keeping your jewelry clean. 

Browse our selection of jewelry cleaning products today to bring your jewelry back to life with ease.

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