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GemOro – Jewelry Sauna – Combination Ultrasonic, UV & Steam Cleaner

$179.95 USD $329.00 USD

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UPC:  854413003321


  • GemOro Jewelry Sauna
  • Premium Steam Lever
  • Ultrasonic Steamer Basket
  • Tank Cover
  • Steam Residue Tray
  • Measuring Fill Cup
  • Funnel
  • Jewelry Holding Tweezers
  • Handheld Clamshell basket for rings, ear studs, and charms


The Jewelry Sauna from GemOro is our flagship personal jewelry cleaner. It’s an attractive, compact, and modern design that will complement any room, and it fits perfectly on your vanity or bathroom counter. Plus, it has a professional-grade high-pressure steamer and powerful ultrasonic cleaner, so you’ll get the best cleaning results possible. Featuring a Patent Pending enclosed cleaning system that keeps all the mess and water residue inside.

First, clean the jewelry with ultrasonic scrubbing sounds waves, and then by simply sliding its steam shield up, the attached basket raises the jewelry to the steaming chamber where multiple steam jets blast away the remaining dirt, grime, and cosmetics with a high-pressure fine mist. Then use the latest UV ultraviolet sanitizing technology as the final step. Slide the shield down and pull the basket out and remove your sparkling jewelry. The versatile steamer with UV and ultrasonic may be used independently too.  Both the ultrasonic and UV have built-in timers.  Use water or a combination of water and Sparkle Bright Products Liquid Cleaner in the ultrasonic basin.

  • Premier compact professional 3 in 1 jewelry cleaning system for the home
  • Powerful ultrasonic cleaner and fine mist high-pressure steam jets in a no-mess enclosed chamber
  • UV ultraviolet sanitizing technology
  • Includes: Premium steam lever, ultrasonic basket, tank cover, steam residue tray, measuring fill cup, funnel, handheld jewelry basket and locking tweezers
  • Designed in the USA for safety – ETL Listed
  • Patent Pending
  • 1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty


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