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GemOro - Brilliantspa® Deluxe Personal Jewelry Steam Cleaner Kit (Black or Grey)

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  • GemOro Brilliantspa® Steam Cleaner
  • Jewelry Holding Tweezers
  • Basket
  • Steam Residue Mat 
  • Water Funnel With Measuring Fill Cup
  • 4oz. Liquid Cleaner with lift-out tray and detail brush
  • 2oz. Tarnish Remover & Polishing Cream
  • Soft Microfiber Cloth
  • Soft Bristle Toothbrush


    • GEMORO BLACK DIAMOND BRILLIANT SPA STEAM CLEANER: Professionally cleans diamonds, gold, silver and platinum jewelry Perfect size approximate 1-pint tank capacity steam cleaner | Powerful steam cleaner safely generates a robust 50PSI of pressurized steam using regular tap water safely blasts away dirt, grime, body oil, makeup, and more | Advanced LED indicator lights to show when unit is heating and when it is ready to steam | Bright blue LED light illuminates jewelry while being steam cleaned |
    • Features an unrestricted cleaning zone, removable cleaning / drying basket and convenient on / off power switch | Easy-lift handles for moving | Cabinet made of durable, long-life ABS, with contemporary stainless steel accent panels | Includes jewelry holding tweezers, basket, steam residue mat and water funnel with measuring fill cup | Designed in the USA with European influence | Built for safety and ETL Listed
    • SPARKLE BRIGHT LIQUID CLEANER - SAFE FOR EVERY JEWELRY PIECE YOU OWN: From the hardest diamonds to the softest pearls. Ideal for fine jewelry, chains, watches, rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, scuba masks. 100% All-Natural, Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, No Alcohol, No acids, Child Safe, Fresh Scent, Made in the USA 
    • SPARKLE BRIGHT POLISHING CREAM - REMOVES TARNISH AND RESTORES SHINE TO ALL PRECIOUS METALS: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Black Hills Gold, 925 Silver, Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Pewter, Platinum, Titanium, Chrome, Aluminum, Stainless Steel.
    • 100% All-Natural, Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Child Safe, Made in the USA

    ***NOTE: POLISHING CREAM IS RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON: Plated Metals, Costume or Fashion Jewelry, or pieces with a lacquered clear finish.



      GemOro - Brilliantspa® Deluxe Personal Jewelry Steam Cleaner Kit (Black or Grey)
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