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Customer Testimonials


“Awesome! My grandmother's jewelry is gorgeous! Absolutely amazing!”

Nancy M. New Berlin, WI


“Phenomenal Job! My jewelry looks better than when it was new! I can't believe how it improved the luster and shine of my pearls!”

Amy B. Brookfield, WI


“Sparkle Bright really cleaned up my opal ring and made it shine. It made the opals sparkle like they never had before! I certainly would recommend this product to my friends.... I'm eager to use it on the rest of my jewelry!”

Carol K. Delafield, WI


“I purchased Sparkle Bright at a local fair after one of the young ladies cleaned my wedding ring. I was amazed to see my diamond shine and the tarnish that was removed from the gold. As soon as I got home, I cleaned my other jewelry. Sparkle Bright made my gems look like they were professionally cleaned. They shined like the day I purchased them. Just amazing! I love this product and I have recommended it to my friends and family!”

Jane C. Oconomowoc, WI


“I’ve been using Sparkle Bright Jewelry Cleaner for the past several months, and I’ve never used a better cleaner. I wear a silver torque necklace every day. It gets pretty grungy from so much handling. Five minutes with Sparkle Bright, and I’ve got my gorgeous necklace back. The piece was a very special gift from a dear friend, so keeping it gleaming is important to me. I tried other cleaners, but none of them brought out the same shine. I use Sparkle Bright on everything… earrings, bracelets, rings. Jewelry is ornamentation and should catch the eye. Sparkle Bright ensures that I am proud to show off my jewelry knowing it looks its very best.”

Kim M. Silver Spring, MD


“Finally, a non-toxic silver polishing product that we can use at our school!

I am a Montessori Educator and a large part of our classroom activities surround what we call 'Practical Life.' One of these Practical Life activities is metal polishing. Since we work with children, we are always looking for a product that will actually polish our silver and other metal objects, but not harm the children. We were amazed when we used the Sparkle Bright tarnish remover/polishing cream on some of our silver work trays. The trays were black and tarnished to the point where we were going to throw them out. But, we had just received the Sparkle Bright jewelry cleaner kit and decided to try it out. It worked incredibly!!! Those trays were shiny and beautiful again! The fact that it is non-toxic means that our youngest children (toddlers) can do this metal polishing work without any risk of getting poisoned. Sparkle Bright will be a staple in our classroom from now on!”


Kelly R. Montessori Educator